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Terms & Conditions

Please check to confirm the following are correct or that you agree with the statements:

  • My horse is coming from a disease-free yard and is disease free.

  • There have been no confirmed cases of strangles at my yard in the previous 8 weeks and there is no veterinary advice outstanding that would prevent me from travelling to the Radley Green Facility.

  • I am familiar with the terms of use of the arena and agree to abide to them (Leave the SJ’s up to the white line with all poles off the ground, poo picking mandatory, no dogs)

  • I understand the facilities at Radley Green Equestrian are used at my own risk and that Radley Green Equestrian accept no responsibility for damage to person or property that might occur whilst at Radley Green.

  • Any damage must be reported to the office (SJ / Arena damage is chargeable, XC schooling fences are exempt)

  • You will be on CCTV.

  • Please take note of the information signage around the Farm.

  • That if I am engaging the services of an instructor for my session, I am responsible for ensuring they are suitably qualified and insured.

  • I am responsible for poo picking immediately after my horse has created droppings in the arena (equipment provided).

  • No Dogs

  • No walkers on Farm Ride.

  • No admittance into livery yards without invitation.

  • All children must be under supervision at all times.

  • Riding Hats & protective clothing must be worn up to current British standard.

  • We ask you to respect our facilities and ensure that you leave no litter.

  • Vaccinations must be within 12 months – you will be turned away if not.

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