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Radley Green Equestrian Ltd


My name is Cat Moody and Radley Green Equestrian is the cumulation of a dream of mine that I have had for many,  many years.


Our aim is to provide a much needed top class equestrian training facility,  here in Essex that will cater for all disciplines and abilities. 


I wanted to have the ability to provide facilities for camps and clinics,  as well as individual hire, on all weather waxed surfaces, that will be mostly immune to our hot dry summers and wet, cold winters and anything else that the climate throws at us over the years!! 


This will allow riders to train and to keep their horses fit and competition ready,  even when the ground is too wet or hard to train on grass.


The centre will be following the ethos of ‘Respect Your Horse’ and will follow British Eventing rules of etiquette whilst riding. 


Surface, all arenas have been built to an exceptionally high standard by Sportrack Surfaces. We have used their surfaces throughout the complex, the only variation is in the percentage of wax, we have optimised the surface to match the discipline of the arena.



Cat Moody


My qualification for this role is partly that I have ridden all my life from a very early age, but mainly my experience of visiting different competition, camp and training facilities came about from having  4 daughters all who rode. 

The best decision I ever made regarding their riding was to enrol them all into the Pony Club. This organisation brings out the best in every equestrian, whatever their ability and it forges friendships that will last them their lifetimes. 

I was fortunate enough to become the District Commissioner of our club, the Essex Union Hunt Pony Club, and it was during this time that I learnt what was required to hold events and competitions and camps. 


In recent years we have all seen the demise of so many of the equestrian centres in this area, we are now, in Essex in the position of having one of the highest population of horses and equestrians and one of the lowest for number of equestrian  facilities. The roads around this area are getting more and more dangerous and I know all of the facilities that RGE is able to offer will be appreciated.


I look forward to welcoming you all 

Safe Riding 


Sammy Moody


Sammy has been riding all her life and has a passion for eventing. 


She has worked for Kate Tarrant at LMEQ for 4 years where she was involved in all aspects of the busy eventing and livery yard, including  grooming at competitions for Kate. 


She was lucky enough to be take her horse Tino with her and was able to compete him up to BE Novice level. 


She also brought a younger mare called Nala, who although has proven to be a little tricky at times after a lot of hard work and determination is showing real talent over show jumps and Sammy hopes will transfer over to xc as well


Sammy has her Stage 3 BHS exam and is now working towards her teaching qualifications. 


Robyn Moody


Robyn has also been riding all her life and has enjoyed all aspects of the pony club and 

has competed at all the Area competitions for our club.


Robyn enjoys the challenge of bringing on young horses and her current horse Bounty who she brought when he had just turned 4 is becoming a bit of star, although he does like a nap!!


She has recently sold another young pony that she has been bringing on for the last few months.


After leaving school, Robyn worked free lance for several local yards and is now managing the new livery yard at Nortons Equestrian, Radley Green, where we have the ability to stable up to 15 full livery horses.


Robyn is currently working towards her stage exams and her Pony Club B test, and hopes also to take her teaching qualifications.


Our course designer Angus Smales

Angus Smales is an International Event Rider who had completed six four star events by the age of just 25. 


​Having always enjoyed riding Ian Stark’s courses, Angus asked to shadow Ian to gain work experience. He spent time with Alec Lochore (who was the Eventing Manager for the London 2012 Olympic Games!) to learn on the job. Angus also won the first British Eventing Bill Thomson Bursary which was established to help new course builders and designers learn their craft and to ensure continual safety developments. Winning enabled Angus to spend time with Eric Winter (who designed this year’s Mitsubishi Motors Badminton course) and following this, Eric offered him his first real work at Keysoe Equestrian Centre designing the 80/90/100 tracks. Angus is now responsible for all the tracks at Floors Castle, at Keysoe and several local unaffiliated and Pony Club courses too.

He worked on course design at the British Eventing run event at Harpbury and the Fernie Hunt Pony Club Horse trials. He has also been involved in the course design and jump building at the renowned Vale View equestrian Centre. 



Katie Hamilton

Katie is an Equestrian Performance Coach and likes to work with riders on their position, confidence and performance to be able to help them achieve the most out of themselves and their horses for a perfect partnership. 

Katie is a Level 3 BHS Accredited Coach and also has a degree in Human & Equine Sports Performance (Level 6).


Katie holds regular clinics at RG from jumping to biomechanics sessions and also holds Rider fitness sessions on site.

Katie is also planning on holding some Rider Performance camps in 2024!


Kate Mead 

Kate is an experienced event coach and Pony Club trainer. 

Kate holds a BHSII coach qualification which is equivalent to a Stage 4 senior coach.She obtained her Pony Club A test, and was offered further training through the Pony Club for her Advanced Young Instructor at Talland School of Equitation.

She teaches in all 3 disciplines up to stage 4 level.

She has prepared and trained horses and riders up to Intermediate Level in Eventing, and has ridden and trained horses up to Medium Dressage and 120cm Show Jumping


She has been extensively coaching for 32 years



Following a successful career as an international event rider for over three decades, Ian now devotes his time to coaching, breeding and producing.


He trains across all three eventing disciplines and coaches every level, from CCI-L 5*competitors to riding club level enthusiasts.

Ian is now available to coach dressage, showjumping and cross country as a resident instructor.


Keep an eye out for his dedicated camps where he promises to give riders the tools to achieve their goals whilst having fun and a few laughs along the way.

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