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Code of Conduct

Welcome to Radley Green Equestrian,  We hope that you enjoy your time with us.

This Code of Conduct (the Code) applies to all users of Radley Green Equestrian (RGE), situated at Radley Green, near Writtle, Essex, CM4 0LU 

Users includes all those on site at RGE including but not limited to as a customer, guest, contractor, or employee or otherwise. The Code is intended to ensure an enjoyable experience for all users.

By entering upon RGE at any time, you will be deemed to have accepted and to abide at all times with the Code.

 This Code will be enforced on behalf of RGE acting by its officers, staff and contractors who have delegated authority RGE Management

RGE Management expect and require that all users be at all times kind and courteous to each other, and that they desist at all times from any and all of the following behaviours:

• Any breach of RGE policies, procedures, and protocols including but not limited to Health and Safety.

• Any unlawful behaviour and any criminal behaviour. This will be immediately reported to the Police.

• Any disruptive behaviour including but not limited to profanity, threats or threatening language or any

acts of violence whether to others or to animals.

• Take care of, and show respect to, your horses and ponies. We expect our customers to abide by British Eventing Horse welfare use of the whip rule which states “With appropriate severity as a reprimand only however it should never be hit more than twice for any one incident. Use of a whip that causes injury eg broken skin or weal is always excessive”.

• Any activity that threatens the safety of our customers, guests, employees, visitors and members of the


• Any activity that disrupts or is otherwise contrary to our friendly, inclusive and family-orientated facility.

• Any activity inconsistent with, disrupts, or is otherwise contrary to RGE as a highly esteemed

equestrian centre.

• Any conduct that would disrupt the legitimate business of RGE

 Any breach of the Code (decided at the sole discretion of RGEManagement) will result in the person at fault being immediately asked to leave RGE. The person will not be allowed to return to RGE at any time without prior written permission of RGE Management (acting at their sole discretion). If any person upon instruction refuses to leave the property, then RGE Management reserve the right to remove the person from RGE, and/or to call the Police.

RGE Management, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to impose site-wide bans and take legal action where appropriate against anyone who is found to be in breach of this Code.

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